Analog Multitester


This is a high grade personal tester equipped with a newly-designed 24 channels one-shot concurrent control switch and enlarged measurement range adopted, featuring a newly-adapted automated setting polarity circuit, and a failure-proof mechanism. Provision of DC center-zero-meter function facilitates recognition of polarities of DC measurement.
Additionally, provision of continuity check indicator by a LED display and direct-connection capacitor terminal (OUTPUT terminal) provides this compact easy-to-use personal tester.

22-channel switch adopted. Total 35 ranges.
DCB zero-center-meter incorporated
Capacitance checker for capacitor ranging between 1F-1F.
A continuity check LED for optically-measuring incorporated.
Output terminal (series-connected capacitor terminal) attached
Measuring Terminals and Test leads with importance attached to their safety
Battery Test Range with built-in Actual Load Provided.

Meter sensitivity__ 44A
Range switch__ Manual
Accuracy guaranteed temperature & humidity range__ 232'c45-75% RH
Operating temperature humidity range__ 0-40'c, 80% RH Max. No condensation
Power supply__ R6 x 2, 6F22 x 1
Fuse__ 0.5A/250V (20mm)
Accessory__ Instruction manual, Test leads (TL-61), Spare fuse
Dimension__150 x 100 x 37 mm
Weight__ Approx. 290g

Function Range Accuracy Input Resistance  Remarks
DCV 100m/500m/2.5/10/50/250/1000V
25kV (25kV by use of optional probe "HV-10")
2.5% of max. scale(1000V or below) 20k


DCV(NULL) 5/25V 2.5% of max. scale 40k Zero Centering Method
ACV 2.5/10/50/250/1000V
40Hz - 30kHz 3%
30Hz - 100kHz 1dB (10V or below)
3% of max. scale(Less than 10V range 4% 9k


DCA 50/2.5m/25m/0.25(50A range is common with DC 100mV range) 2.5% of max. scale - Terminal Voltage drop 250mV
RESISTANCE 2k/20k/200k/2M/20M
Continuity indicating LED : X 1 range(Emitting light at 10 or less)
3% of scale length - Built-in battery 1.5V(SUM-3) X 2
9V(006P)X 1
dB -10....+10dB(in AC2.5V range)....+62dB
600 impedance circuit
3% of max. scale (Less than 10V range 4%) 9k


(Battery Test)
0 - 1.5V (BAD - ? - GOOD Color-coded scale) 5% of max. scale - Load Current : 0.25A
(Terminal to Terminal Current)
0 - 150A.....X 1k Range
0 - 1.5A.....X 100 Range
0 - 15mA.....X 10 Range
0 - 150mA.....X 1 Range
5% of scale length - Current flowing across terminals while object is measured.
(Terminal to Terminal Voltage)
Common to each range 3V.....0V
(Reverse of LI scale)
5% of scale length - Voltage applied across terminals while is measured.
(DC Current Amplication Factor)
Transistor hFE : 0 - 1000 (in X 10 range) 3% of scale length - Optional hFE connector "HFE-5" must be used.
FET and Semiconductor test  Judges quality of each model of FETs, SCR, Triac etc. with LI and LV values.



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